After all my years of playing Halo I should have known what was gonna happen.

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Reason to Live #280: Autumn, and everything about it. It has always been and forever will be my favourite season. I love proper autumn, not the BC rain - when the sky is a chilly shade of blue, like glacier ice, and the sun is bright enough to set fire to the trees in their ochre glory; when the air has that crisp edge to it, the promise of snow, and is filled with the scent of decaying leaves and sap and pine; when leaves dance in the wind and blow across the ground and gather in heaps that I can jump into, and bury myself in. When we go to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins to carve them, and hay rides, and apple/pumpkin pies, and hot chocolate by the fire. I love the festivity and natural beauty of autumn, and it’s impossible for me to be unhappy on an autumn day like that.

Autumn in BC is another matter. It’s just grey and rains. I miss the autumns I had in Edmonton like this.

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Live Streaming Level 26 VERY HARD Strike today!! Stay tuned for start time! Also, Giveaway at 100 followers, sooo spread the word!!!

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Anonymous asked:

Proper number of knives to make pbj sand which?

Live from the artist's mind Answer:

it depends on the knife.  Katana, dagger, shiv, butterfly, swiss army…what kinda cutlery are we talking about here?